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    Every moment in a person’s life, their safety is in the hands of other people. Even if an individual never leaves their home, the safe use of consumer products relies on the makers of those products to produce an item that is reasonably safe for its stated use.

    Similarly, leaving one’s home also can result in injuries. Visiting a store places a burden on that store to keep their land free from hazards that could result in slips and falls. Traveling to the store, whether in a car, on a motorcycle, or on foot, also requires other motorists to take proper precautions to prevent accidents.

    Even parties who are licensed to provide medical care may be liable for injuries that result from accidents. Nursing homes, doctors, and dentists all have a professional and legal duty to provide the best care possible to their patients. Providers who fail to provide this care may be vulnerable to a malpractice lawsuit. An Orlando personal injury lawyer could help to examine the source of a person’s injury to determine if a claim for damages could help to set things right.

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    Even the seemingly simplest claim for damages following a personal injury may result in complex legal action. A plaintiff always bears the burden of proving their claims in court or during settlement talks. This may require an intensive knowledge of the law and an ability to fit evidence within those laws. At the same time, plaintiffs are suffering from personal injuries that may not affect just their physical health but also their mental wellbeing.

    Hiring an Orlando personal injury attorney could help to set people’s minds at ease. An attorney could work to discover the evidence that is relevant to the claim. They can also work with plaintiffs to discover how the incident has affected their lives and to make demands for compensation that fit the case.

    Finally, an attorney could work to fight back against any allegations that a plaintiff has contributed to their own losses. According to Florida Statutes §768.81, courts must use a concept called pure comparative negligence to assign blame following an accident. Further, if a court believes a plaintiff to share some liability for the incident, that court must reduce the award at trial. An Orlando personal injury lawyer could help to refute these defenses and to prove that a defendant was the sole liable party for a plaintiff’s losses.

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    We recently were able to recover 25 times the policy limits in a bad faith action from a major insurance company for a client that was tragically injured in a motorcycle crash.

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    People who have suffered personal injuries are likely frightened and confused. They may not understand their legal rights or what parties carry liability for their losses. It is also possible that you have already spoken with an insurance company that has tried to convince you to drop your claim or that you are responsible for your own costs.

    Working with an Orlando personal injury lawyer could help to set your claim on the right path. A lawyer could help to explain your legal rights and why the actions of the defendant have violated those rights. Whether your losses were the result of a car accident, a slip and fall, or medical malpractice, an attorney could help to set your mind at ease. There is a limited time to start a claim, and this changes depending on the nature of the case. Contact an Orlando personal injury lawyer immediately to let them get to work for you.


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